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JavaByte: Modern Database

Our modern, high performance and scalable database alternative to traditional data solutions.

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We took a hard look at the problems of traditional databases, and built a more perfect solution from the ground up.

By significantly reducing overhead, and optimizing work flow, each database is a responsive and lightweight powerhouse.

Our database is engineered to give split second responses, and scale nearly infinitely with your data. Guaranteeing that no matter how big your operation grows, your Kirchner Solution will still fit.

JavaByte Package

JavaByte is packaged as single bootable executable binary.

Web App

The administrative UI for JavaByte is packaged as a web app. This means management of your data is only as far away as a click of your web browser.

Rich Client API

It is very easy to power your software with JavaByte. We have built a very simple to use API that comes in two flavors
Single Client: An easy to use driver for single client applications.
Enterprise Client: This driver accepts a Thread Pool, and is cappable of handling a very large amount of user sessions.

Table Page Technology

We took the traditional large data table, and broke it into nearly infinitely more smaller table pages, acting as one.

Parallel Workloads

Our table page technology takes what would of been one large workload, into many concurrently executed smaller workloads. This allows our data solution to provide nearly exponentially faster results.


Table page technology allows our database to grow with your data. By dynamically creating and allocating table pages, this solution truly provides infinite automatic scale.

Advanced Multi-threading Technology

Our advanced multi-threading technology allows for more parallel workloads, and much faster response times.

Proprietary Thread Pooling Algorithm

Our proprietary thread pooling algorithm nearly eliminates the overhead associated with creating and managing threads, and greatly reduces memory consumption.

Minimal Lock Technology

Locks prevent multiple threads from corrupting a single object. These locks have the tendency to create choke spots, that is to make areas of a program single threading. Thus damaging performance and defeating the purpose.

Minimal Lock

Our object model only creates locks that insure that the request thread waits on all the worker threads to finish. This not only greatly improves performance, but also works to insure all of your results are complete and accurate.

JavaByte Beta Release

We will be releasing our first free JavaByte beta in the comming days. Please check back soon.

Live Web Demo

Check out our free web demo of our latest beta build

Contact Us to schedule your demo today.

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