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rPOS: Retail POS and Inventory System

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Our enterprise grade POS system is responsive, accurate, scalable and easy to use. This application creates a speedy and smooth checkout experience, and renders metrics that produce incredible insight.


We have incorporated our proprietary database solution into this product. Our database, leveraging our advanced indexing, sorting, multi-threading and caching technologies, provides a lightning fast and responsive experience.


Our applications are built by inventory experts. You can rest assured that inventory control is accurate and in real-time.


Using modern technologies and tools like the Android platform and multi-threading, we built a robust system that produces results in many different configurations. Making growth as easy as adding another tablet.

Easy to Use

At Kirchner Solutions, we merge modern cutting edge computing technologies with common sense. We build every application from the prospective of the end user. This makes program and work flow fast and efficient, providing a very smooth and speedy checkout experience. No more endless menus. Everything the user needs is on one screen.

All of our systems are extremely modular. As your business expands, and takes on more functions, we can easily and rapidly develop and add new modules to your solution with little or no downtime.

rPOS Beta

rPOS is currently in closed beta testing. We are looking for a variety of retail establishments to participate in our exclusive beta test.

All participants in the beta will receive exclusive lifetime benefits including the final rPOS with lifetime support for free.

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