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File Manipulation, Searching, Encoding, Verification, Obfuscation and Encryption tool

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Our lightweight and power file tool suite can be a useful pre-build tool for developers, as well as a simple file security tool for every day PC users.


Our application can replace, delete and change lines in files based on the rules that you define.

You can manipulate lines that contain a defined expression.\nYou manipulate all the lines that follow a line containing an expression.\n You can manipulate lines that exist inbetween lines containg expressions.

These can be powerful development tools. You can easily maintain different source functions in one file, and use this application as a prebuild tool to create source files for the specific build flavor you are going to compile.


Our application can search files in a directory for lines containing a defined expression. Source tools will output the line numbers containing the expression.


Our application can uniformly encode files to provide extra security and ease of file transfering between systems.


This tool suite can generate secure, industry standard, SHA-256 file and file directory tree hashes. This can be a powerful corruption prevention tool used in between operations.


Our program provides fast and secure 256 bit AES encryption and decryption, from passwords or key files. This tool also comes with a 256 bit AES key generator that can generate key files based on a provided paraphrases, as well as securely random keys.

Our proprietary encryption implementation provides secure initialization and prevents comparative key sniffing attacks. Given the 256 bit encryption, this makes brute force attacks virtually useless.

String Encryption and Obfuscation

We have added a string encryption function, that encrypts the strings in your code. Strings are decrypted at run-time with our StringDecryptor API.

This function is a very valuable free feature that perfectly complements tools such as Proguard and yGaurd.


The most recent version of source tools can be download with the following link

Download SourceTools


StringDecryptor Runtime API Product Page

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