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StringDecrypter Runtime API: SourceTools Obfuscation Companion

Our runtime API that decrypts code obfuscated with SourceTools

java code

This API is a companion to SourceTools string encryption function.

String Encryption

Obfuscation is a vital part of developing closed source software.

Properly implemented obfuscated code is very hard to reverse engineer. The problem is that most tools leave text untouched, and code can be easily navigated.

These can be powerful development tools. You can easily maintain different source functions in one file, and use this application as a prebuild tool to create source files for the specific build flavor you are going to compile.


Implementation of this API could not be any easier. You simply wrap any call to an encrypted string with our decrypt method.


The most recent version of StringDecrypter Runtime API can be download with the following link

Download v1.0.03a

To obfuscate your code, please visit the SourceTools product page.

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