How AI Can be Used to Secure and Future-proof Your Web Apps

Jun 26th 2020

By Robert Kirchner JR

AI and Web Security

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

There are many different types of AI, we will focus mainly on machine learning.

Imagine having a team of top notch data scientist thoroughly analysing your current and historical data at every moment in time, delivering insightful and valuable real-time predictions in nearly every aspect of your business.

Machine learning gives you the potential to do even better, at substantially low cost. By leveraging historical data and data streams, AI can find obscure patterns and make incredibly powerful and accurate predictions.

Data Graphs

Data graphs are a power mechanism for mapping the relationships between data, employed by giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Data graphs can help machine learning systems connect dots and draw conclusions, and also allow for powerful data stream implementations.

AI and Web Security

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Web Security

When we expose our services to the internet, the potential for us to be exploited rises greatly, as well as the risk of exposing the data our clients and customers trust us with.

With a global network full of clever and malicious hackers, we must engineer ways to be proactive and more clever than a would be attacker.

Often, malicious user behavior can be observed in patterns. Be it a specific time amount between login attempts, or attacking at certain times of day.

With due diligence, these patterns are usually easy to spot, and with AI, predict and protect against. But hackers tend to be known for their creativity, this is often what separates a successful hacker from a non successful one. An AI implementation will catch the activity that humans will often miss or not even be aware of.


AI and machine learning when combined with our company data, provide great benefit in most aspects of our businesses, can detect countless patterns and give us powerful realtime predictions and insight into both day to day business and our long term goals.

In a world filled with destructive and sometimes malicious hackers, we must be proactive to stop attacks before they are successful, and prevent exposing our and our clients sensitive data.

AI can detect new patterns and automate realtime deployment of new rules before any damage is done.