Four Fun Things You Can Do With AI

Jul 8th 2020

By Robert Kirchner JR

Artificial Intelligence, What is It?

Artificial intelligence(AI) is a software application or framework that learns and can make predictions and judgements.

In this article we will present four fun entry level AI projects for you.

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#1 Cat Detection Software

What could be more fun than a program that detects pictures of cats?

Neural Network

There a many types of AI, but a project analyzing pictures would typically be deployed on a neural network.

Training an AI bot consists of (in this case) a set of pictures that are labeled with a cat, or without.

If we feed enough labeled images to our AI bot, hopefully we can give it unlabeled pictures(and maybe videos), and it will tell us which ones contain cats.

#2 Restaurant Description Categorizing Bot

Hungry and don't know where to go to eat? Why not have your pet AI bot find you a restaurant.

Machine Learning

Of the many artificial intelligence platform types, this type of bot is usually deployed as a machine learning instance.

To train our restaurant bot, we need a lot of data. We would feed our bot training data consisting of restaurant descriptions labeled with their restaurant category.

Getting The Training Data

Getting the training data is it's own side quest project.

Probably the best way to get this data, is to build a simple web scrapper that crawls business classifieds, and gathers restaurants descriptions as well as the category the restaurant is listed under.

Hopefully after gathering enough training records(10,000+), our bot will tell us what kind of food an establishment serves based solely on it's description.

#3 Weather Predicting Bot

Tired of the weather mans faulty prediction? With a little elbow grease, we can build our own pet meteorologist.

Machine Learning

As with most data analyzing AI projects, this would be a good application for machine learning.

Good training records would probably contain temperature, pressure humidity, date and time of day. You would label these records by the actual physical condition(this is what your bot would predict)

Getting The Training Data

This would probably be a good time to look into weather APIs. The more records, and the larger the time period, of the training data, the more likely your bot is to be somewhat(remember, this is just a practice project) accurate.

If we train our bot properly, we could ask it what the weather condition will be for a given date and time.

#4 Chat Bot

Do you ever get bored and run out of people to chat with? How about we build our own digital friend.

Natural Language Processing

Your bot can be trained to recognize words, and how to respond to certain combinations of them.

Getting The Training Data

The internet is full of great NLP training data, depending on the platform you are using. We can even find training data to have our own IT support bot.

We can train our bot to fulfill many different flavors of chatting needs.


We covered four fun different entry level artificial intelligence projects:

  1. Cat Detection Software
  2. Restaurant Description Categorizing Bot
  3. Weather Predicting Bot
  4. Chat Bot

Will will be addressing each one of these fun projects individually in the near future, please check back.