Intel Delays the Coming Release of 7nm CPUs and Talks of Outsourcing Chip Production

Jul 27th 2020

Robert Kirchner JR

Intel Announces Six Month Delay for 7nm Release

Intel Logo credit Intel Facebook

Intel announces that due to problems with manufacturing processes, they will be delaying the release of 7nm CPU technology by another six months. This puts release at late 2022.

Slipping Behind

It seems Intel is slipping from what used to be market domination. Since AMD launched their Ryzen CPU line, Intel has faced serious competition for the first time in years. Not to mention hardware bugs and scandal.

Other chip makers, including Samsung, have developed their own 7nm processes already. The already released AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs where manufactured with 7nm technology.

Given the release not slated until 2022, Intel is in some very hot water.

Competition from ARM

Apple announces that they will be dropping Intel, and switching all of their products, including Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, to ARM architecture CPUs.

This comes at a time that Ryzen processors are enjoying a record amount of popularity in the laptop computer world.


Intel is considering outsourcing some of their in house chip production, in order to get 7nm out of the door quicker. This carries the risk of increased costs, at time when competition is fierce. Although outsourcing is common practice, AMD outsources some chip production.


It seems that as time progresses, Intel is less likely to be on the common consumers upgrade path. I have always favored Intel, but as the time for an upgrade to my workstation draws near, I fear it will only make sense to buy AMD.