We need Passionate IT Enthusiast Content Creators

Oct 28th 2020

By Robert Kirchner JR

computer screen with text


I had a vision when I decided to create Build Bench, a place for IT enthusiasts to give back, and help teach the new generation of IT geeks.

My IT Journey

I first dipped my toes in IT when I was twelve years old. I helped my father replace a motherboard in a turn of the century IBM desktop PC.

It became a habit, we would upgrade my fathers computer, and I would get the old stuff.

I went to college to study math, it was then that I discovered programming on a TI calculator. Since then, code has kind of taken over my life.

Give Back

I owe every bit of my success to the community that helped and encouraged me to expand my skills.

It is my goal to give back and help train the next generation of techies, from mentoring future software engineers, to helping people build computers.

A One Stop Shop

My dream for Build Bench is to be a mega resource for finding IT solutions for real world problems. We can give back by offering wisdom learned from real world failures, and also tips that lead to big wins.

Greenfield Project

I built Build Bench fresh from the ground up. It is growing into a robust and reliable content platform. I still contribute to it in my spare time.

Absolutely Free

Build Bench will always be free, and always free of ads as well. I donate time and the resources to host Build Bench as part of my ever increasing desire to give back.


I didn't realize until I was nose deep in Build Bench, that I didn't stop and think about content, more particularly, how much time it takes to produce quality content that people will actually read and learn from.

After all, I have a full time job and a family, I need help.

Content Creators

Back to the point. I hope I didn't drone off too much, you still there?

Anyways I am looking for people that would like to give back and write articles or tutorials. You can write about anything IT related, from your opinions on the self driving cars, to retropi tutorials.

If this sound interesting to you, please contact us here, or by email at admin@kirchnerbusinesssolutions.com